Third Grade Walking Tour

Today was a beautiful day for the third grade to do a walking tour of Medford!

Our first stop was directly across from our school, David Osgood’s, a prominent minister, house. Then, we visited the library, which sits on the land of The famous shipbuilder, Thatcher Magoun.

We then traveled to see the armory, the historical society, and the Amelia Earhart mural. (she lived in Medford!) We stopped at Captain Hall’s House, where Paul Revere stopped during his famous Midnight Ride, and then the site of the Simpson Tavern, where “Jingle Bells” was written.

More stops included the Chevalier Theatre, the Salem Street Burial Ground, and the Medford Rum Distilleries plaque. We found our way to the famous and influential Craddock Bridge, before making our way to The Royall House & Slave Quarters.

We ended our walk by checking out “Grandfather’s House,” made famous by Lydia Maria Child in her poem “Over the River and Through the Woods!”

We loved seeing Medford’s history up close after studying it this year!

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