SJS Dismissal Times

For the 2020-2021 School Year

Dear Parents of grades K-4,

In order to make our dismissal process easier for both you and our teachers, I am asking that you pick up your child/ren from the schoolyard.

Grades K – 4 will be outside, lined up by their grade. Please do not call your child out of line without notifying the teacher that you are there. Also, do not clog the side driveway waiting for your child. Hopefully, this will ease the congestion and will allow for a smoother, less confusing dismissal process.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Mr. Chev

Download the dismissal times

Pre-K1 – 2:05 pm School Yard Door

Pre-K2 – 2:08 pm School Yard Door

Kindergarten – 2:05 pm (Side Door)

Grade 1 – 2:07 pm (Side Door)

Grade 2 – 2:09 pm (Side Door)

Grade 3 – 2:11 pm (Side Door)

Grade 4 – 2:13 pm (Side Door)

Grade 5 – 2:08 pm (Front Door)

Grade 6 – 2:10 pm (Front Door)

 Grade 7 – 2:12 pm (Front Door)

Grade 8 – 2:14 pm (Front Door)

Bus Students – 2:05 pm (Front Door)