About Our School

Saint Joseph School Preschool was established in 1999, and operates under the guidance and direction of Saint Joseph School.

The preschool provides quality education in a state-of-the-art facility for preschool children, ages three (by October 15 of their incoming year) and four.

Saint Joseph School Preschool strives to provide a safe, caring, loving and peaceful environment where children will laugh, learn, explore, play, and grow in the knowledge that they are loved and respected by God, parents, teachers, and playmates.

We believe that even the youngest of God’s children can begin to understand Christian values, imitate the example of Jesus Christ, and appreciate the gifts and wonders that God lovingly provides each day.  As children develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally within our nurturing environment, they are reminded of their special place within their family, school, community, and the world which they are beginning to discover.

“We came for Preschool in 2015 and it was the best decision for our family. A real school, not a daycare with a preschool program. The preschool educators are our peers and mothers and grandmothers, who treated us like family.

St. Joseph School has so much to offer in academics & extracurriculars. But most importantly, St. Joe’s is a true community where we look out for each other, we know each other’s kids, and even know each other- even if only as a familiar face during drop off & pick up.

This community can be seen not only in the school, but on the fields, courts, and theaters supporting our kids. Upper-grade teachers know the names of the lower grade students, older kids include the littles when playing catch at recess, and the lower grade teachers stay involved & interested as these kids move up and graduate.

These past few months have forced us all to make significant adjustments. We are so fortunate that the staff was able to move swiftly to educate remotely. We’ve been distance learning since 3/13/20. Not only by worksheets, review, and checklists, but with new concepts, quizzes, tests, projects, and fun.

If any local friends are researching schools for their kiddos, I can’t recommend St. Joseph School enough. Give it a look, learn about their programs, compare tuitions. This may be a great fit for your family! #SJSRocks”