About Us

Saint Joseph Parish, together with our sister parish of Saint Francis of Assisi, is part of the Medford Catholic Collaborative. Saint Joseph Parish was established June 2, 1912, and is located in downtown Medford at 118 High Street. Please visit our website at www.medfordcollaborative.org for more information about our parish life, mass schedule, and upcoming events.

The purpose of the Medford Catholic Collaborative is to help our community know, love and serve God in this life so that we can be happy with Him forever in the next. Our goal is to be informed disciples and loving witnesses to our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Collaborative Values

Joy – We choose to be people who exude the love of Christ.

  • We welcome all to serve God and each other
  • We proclaim The Good News of Jesus Christ with reverence and joy
  • We celebrate each person’s encounter with Jesus

Compassion – We seek opportunities to support one another

  • We pray for those in need
  • We feed the hungry
  • We visit the sick, lonely and bereaved.
  • We invite all those who feel separated from the Church

Prayer – We offer our minds and our hearts to God to adore Him, to thank Him, to ask His forgiveness and for all the graces we need.

  • We desire to listen to God as he speaks to us and guides us.
  • We strengthen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ through public and private prayer.
  • We actively participate in the Sunday liturgy, the prayer of the Church.

Our Collaborative Vision

The Medford Catholic Collaborative will be a unified community that affords individuals the opportunity to know God.

  • We will proclaim the joy of the Gospel.
  • We will develop informed, faithful disciples.
  • We will provide meaningful worship/liturgy.
  • We will foster compassionate service to those in need.
  • We will invite all to be brothers and sisters in Christ with patience and love.